2015 Pink Abigail Academy


am 05e, Adele Redding

Abbey is a christian woman,  certified as a women and family coach. Partnered with God, Abbey Mueller,CEO of Louisville based Abigail Academy, LLC, has created an unparalleled connection to students and families around the world.


Abbey graduated from Stephens College, where she studied fashion, graphic, and interior design. Abbey took her passion of creativity and design elements and started writing exercises for young women to design a more enjoyable life. CEO and Expert Life Coach, Abbey has enlightened, uplifted, and empowered thousands of women in Vision Board Workshops, Fashion Camps,  and private life coaching sessions, nationally and internationally. Abbey has been recognized for her professional achievements and contribution to positive changes in womens lives in: The Kappa Delta National Sorority on-line Angelos, The Courier Journal, Stephen's Life, and Today’s Woman Magazine. She also serves as a member of the Distinguished Young Women of America, Mobile, AL;The National Confidence Coalition, Memphis TN; The Louisville Youth Choir; Young Life, Louisville KY; and The Main Street Association, Louisville KY.


As a certified Samurai from Brian Klemmer & Associates of Peteluma, California;  Ms. Dale Carnegie, Louisville, KY; and a Women’s Issue Trainer of Professional Woman’s Network, Louisville, KY, Abigail successfully blends her skills to connect the heart and the mind in the lives of her audience and private clients.

Copies of published materials can be found on her website, www.abigailacademy.com.  All booking and private coaching inquiries can be sent to abigailacademy@gmail.com.